iPhone 14

This 3D Motion campaign for T-Mobile's iPhone 14 took a complex arrangement of tools like Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro all working together to deliver 7-8 mini-realistic animations. Each short was a visual ode to the modern, sleek allure of the iPhone 14.

With a growing number of independent writers making a living by connecting directly with their readers, FB Bulletin offers a new set of publishing and subscription tools for US-based content creators. This icon design is an abstract form designed to gain recognition over time. The goal was to create an original symbol that wasn't immediately recognizable—yet still felt familiar. The icon was part of a larger system of iconography developed by Buck.


Motion Graphics

Design & Art Direction

Brandon Beauchamp


A Visual Symphony Unveiled

The curtain fell, revealing a series of modern, sleek animations that not only accentuated the iPhone 14's brand persona but also narrated a visual story that resonated with the audience.



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