Yes! Campaign

The Yes! Campaign was created to help raise retailers' awareness and understanding of FDA tobacco regulations, their purpose, and the importance of compliance. Its purpose was to transform the retailer’s perspective on why they have to check I.D. at the counter. Instead of focusing on the law, why not focus on the positive impact on community?

I designed the campaign around the vital role of protecting our nation’s youth – from the teen trying to buy a pack of cigarettes to the one outside trying to bum a loosey – to communicate that following tobacco regulations at work does more than secure a job and prevent fines. A retailer has the power to guard the youth in their community from the leading preventable cause of death. Together, a community can help keep the next generation of youth smoke-free, because every minor matters.


–  Branding
–  Ideation Process
–  Deck design



We the retailers join together and say Yes! We can and will improve the health of our communities. We promise to be vigilant and I.D. anyone under 27 years of age, do our part to stop underage smoking, and work towards creating a smoke-free generation - one kid at a time. Together, we say Yes! We I.D. 


What it is?

The Yes! campaign is positive and personal, and we wear it like a badge with pride. It celebrates the importance of our impact and expresses it as a promise to the community. By posting, sharing, or wearing these badges, retailers are joining together in a mission that’s
Helping to create a smoke-free generation, One Kid At A Time.