DC Fray

DC Fray is a rebrand I designed for the company formally known as United Social Sports. The goal of the rebrand was to make an identity that could grow beyond sports and could expand to other cities. The company has expanded its mission beyond sports to include events, travel, and fitness. The motivating goal for DC Fray was to make fun a lifestyle and help motivate people to love what they do and do what they love every single day. DC Fray believes that play has the power to transform lives, build communities, and create a positive impact on the world.


–  Art direction
–  Illustration
–  Logo Design
–  Brand Guidelines


Collaboration Credit

–  Erica Lee Schlaikjer (brand strategy)
Vicky Chao (video animation)

Artboard 2Artboard 2
Artboard 3Artboard 3
Artboard 4Artboard 4
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