Hello, I'm Greg Fisk, a freelance art director based in the US. I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Graphic Design at MICA in Baltimore, MD.

For the past six years, I have been in DC and Baltimore making my mark in the dialogue of pushing forward the importance of cultural richness, protecting the environment, and supporting the fundamental growth of humanity through the lens of design. I always pursue work that aligns with my values, beliefs, and experiences in order to improve the overall outcome. I believe design is more than just visual communication; It has the power to shape and influence the world we live in.

My design process is filled with experimentation, a thorough process, and a keen eye for detail. My work is deeply influenced by nature, pop art, different subcultural movements that shaped me, and always the idea that less is more.

Smithsonian Institution, DC Environmental Film Festival, Google, Samsung, AARP, Redbull, Verizon, Olympus, Sol Republic, United Nations Foundation, WGL, FDA, DHS, World Bank, Norfolk Southern, Adidas, DC Fray, Hallmark, and so on...